Yoshihiko Ochi

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Yoshihiko Ochi
Gender Male
Occupation Teacher, club advisor
Voice Imo (PC)

Yoshihiko Ochi (越智義彦, Ochi Yoshihiko) was a teacher at Takizono Private Academy, and the club advisor to their basketball team until 2005.




On August 14, 2005, Ochi was driving a bus full of the members of the basketball team back home from a summer training camp. He chose to take a back road on a cliff-side, and while driving, lost control of the bus, causing it to land in a nearby forest. Two of his students died instantly, and one ten minutes later. After some time stranded with the remaining students, Ochi left the site of the crash to try and find a way out of the forest and get help, only to return a few days later having made no progress. A few days after his return, another of his students, Tamaki Hirooka, died of illness, and Ochi volunteered to bury her body. Instead, however, he took apart her body and fed it to the remaining students, passing the "meat" off as a wild hare he and the team's captain found.

Sometime into the weeks they were stranded, Ochi and the captain, Chiaki Sakashita, began to make regular trips into a secluded part of the forest to have sex with one another, satisfying one of the "most basic human needs".