Kazuki Kazami

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Kazuki Kazami
Gender Female
Birthday March 22nd
Height 150cm
Blood Type B
Voice Akane Tomonaga (PC, PSP;
credited as Yukari Aoyama
in the PC version)

Kazuki Kazami (風見一姫, Kazami Kazuki) is Yuuji Kazami's elder sister who disappeared in an accident when Yuuji was ten years old.


Kazuki has long white hair extending past her waist. She has purple eyes and wore her Takizono Private Academy uniform during the minibus accident in 2005.


Hailed as a genius from everyone around her at a very young age, Kazuki is a very logical, rational, and calculating person; however she has a shown a lighter side of herself from time to time, as she frequently liked to toy with Amane. She harbors a very strong affection for her brother, Yuuji; taking on the role of his protector.


Kazuki was involved in the minibus accident of 2005, which was when and where she met Suou Amane.